About NORTH SEA agency

The shipping company NORTH SEA agency is based on a strong foundation of knowledge accumulated from within both the shipping and fishing industries. Our practical approach, in combination with competent and skilled suppliers, ensures that we can anticipate and execute our customers’ needs and meet their expectations in full. Trust, knowledge, and flexibility are the principles on which the NORTH SEA agency is based.

Located in Thyborøn, and with further service locations in Hanstholm and Hvide Sande, we have an in-depth understanding of the variety of tasks that are in ports located on the Westcoast of Denmark. Shipping and fishing are the primary focus of our activities, with our extensive experience enabling us to offer a wide range of services within these industries.

NORTH SEA agency is ready to provide service such as

Shipping : Port Agency –Chartering – Cargo Operation –Stevedoring – Husbandry – CustomsClearance–SafeSeaNet –Freight Forwarding – Logistics – Transport – Supply, provision & bunkers – Voyage Service – Anchorage Service– SafeSeaNet – Loading – Discharging

Fishery : Port Agency –SafeSeaNet – Grading&Sorting–updatingAuthorities– Customs Clearance– Logistics – Transport – Supply, provision & bunkers

Service Locations : Thyborøn port (DKTHN) – Hanstholm port (DKHAN) – Hvide Sande port (DKHVS) – Skaw Road

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